Hello world!

Hi, my name is Marian. I’m from Ireland but deep, deep down I’m Chinese. I’ve loved China ever since I read ‘Small Woman‘ by Alan Burgess when I was a teenager.


China continued in my veins until 1999 when my twin sons passed their A levels and I was so happy and excited that I signed up for a charity bike around the Great Wall in aid of the UK charity Mencap http://www.mencap.org.uk/ As a nurse, cyclist and lover of China, the combination was too good to miss.

A lot has happened in the past 11 years. I completed 3 charity bike rides, all in the mountains around Beijing. I cycled over 1000km and raised over $20,000. Now I continue to learn Mandarin and spend part of my year in Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city in Mainland China, close to Hong Kong and Macau.

I hope you enjoy following my blog as I continue to discover my Chinese roots 🙂

Wow! didn’t remember that I had created a WordPress acount back in 2010 and now that I am doing a Masters Degree at City University, London, I’ve rediscovered my site. I still visit China but not as much as before but I still love all things Chinese! My Masters consisted of 8 modules 5 of which I have already successfully completed:

Information Architecture

Electronic Health Records

Statistical Analysis

Information for Decisions in Healthcare


I still have to complete Research Methods, Telemedicine and Knowledge Management. I’ve had great fun doing this course and I’m staggered by how much there is to know. My heros are :

Lotfi Zahed

Patrick Winston

Marvin Minsky

Prof Dasgupta from Kharagphur IT

Prof Basu from Kharagphur

Brandon Foltz

Juan Rada-Vilela

and many more

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Jannie says:

    Hi, I am Dutch, but I live in England because I married a Brit. I did the same bike ride in Oct. 2000 for a charity that works in Yunan. I made a video, but I lost it somewhere in the stuff saved in my room. Hope one day it will turn up. Got photos too, but didn’t post any on a website.


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